Drinks Adventure Podcast

Australian Drinks Journalist, James Atkinson, sat down with Ed Carr, House of Arras’ for his podcast Drinks Adventures. Ed Carr shares some fascinating insights to share about his career.

Drinks Adventures

With James Atkinson

Australian Drinks Journalist, James Atkinson, has started a podcast called Drinks Adventures.

Recently, James sat down with our very own Ed Carr, House of Arras’ Chief Sparkling Winemaker. In this episode, Ed Carr shares some fascinating insights to share about his own career over the last four decades.

He also shares his unique perspective on the Australian wine industry’s drive towards more elegant, colder climate wine styles.

Learn more about our House of Arras wines, and find out where Ed is planning on taking the brand to next by listening to the full podcast.

Reading through the transcript here

JAMES ATKINSON: In 2018 you became the first non-champagne winemaker to win the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Champagne and Sparkling Wine World Championships. I mean, how did that feel, winning that award?

ED CARR: That has been one of the great highlights, I think. We’d been entering that wine competition for quite a few years. We’d done really well with medals and the occasional trophies. But you know, to me that was a real milestone to have that judging panel of, you know – Tom Stevenson, Essi Avellan MW and Dr Tony Jordan – to assess our wines and thought we were really up there. It was great personally; I mean that’s lovely to get that recognition. It’s great for Australian sparkling and it was particularly great for the brand. Arras brand has done a lot over the years and it’s great to get the recognition for the brand. But it’s a lovely warm, fuzzy feeling to you know, to be up there to collect that award. But on behalf of a lot of other people as well. This hasn’t always been a one man band and it’s becoming a bigger band as we move forward, as the volumes get bigger and the whole thing becomes more complex.