Our Story

Wine with style & legacy

A vision to craft world class sparkling wine led Ed Carr to Tasmania. The cool climate, pristine environments and ancient soils are perfect for crafting world class sparkling wine.

Our History

1988, Ed Carr embarked on a journey

He was dedicated to craft exceptional Australian sparkling wine, equal to the world’s best. And by 1995, House of Arras was founded - the name ‘Arras’ means ‘rich tapestry’. Today, House of Arras is Australia’s most awarded sparkling wine brand with an unparalleled reputation.

Our Winemaker

Meet the pioneer and winemaker, Ed Carr

Ed Carr's relentless pursuit for excellence, passion, skill and determination has made him responsible for putting Australian sparkling wine on the global wine map.

Ed was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Champagne & Sparkling Wine Championships 2018 for his contribution to the development and success of the sparkling wine industry. He was the only non-champenois winemaker to receive the award, a testament to the world-class credentials of House of Arras wines. 

Arras is made by a quietly spoken genius, Ed Carr, whose name should be known around the world. He is, by some considerable distance, Australia’s greatest sparkling winemaker
James Halliday

our winemaking

Crafted with traditionnelle techniques

House of Arras has been crafted using the traditional French technique ‘Méthode Traditionnelle’. The wine is fermented, matured for a minimum of two years and disgorged in the bottle it is presented in. A highly specialised process and requires considerable expertise.

  • Time in Tirage

    When a sparkling wine is crafted with a specific degree of balance, finesse and vibrancy, time on tirage adds complexity to these sparkling wines. House of Arras wines undergo a unique tirage program which rivals those of the old world.
  • Clone Selection

    The very best parcels of traditional sparkling varieties are selected - Tasmanian Chardonnay, Pinot Meunier and Pinot Noir.
  • Vineyard Selection

    Fruit sourced from six pristine regions of Tasmania with varying terroir from inland, to coastal, and warm/dry to cool/wet. Each block within the vineyard is managed specifically to create a specific style.

Our Home

the ancient soils and cold climate of tasmania

For more than a decade, the House of Arras team has identified and developed the ideal vineyard sites for world-class sparkling wine. This journey has led the House of Arras to call the ancient soils and cold climate of Tasmania home. Its climate is significantly cooler than the mainland, with long summer daylight and maritime influences, which are ideal conditions for long, slow and consistent fruit development.

Our Regions

Crafted from a tapestry of pristine sites

Vineyards from six regions are selected specifically to support each of the wine styles. The rich tapestry of vineyard selection provides options and diversity with blending between regions and vineyards.

  1. Tamar Valley
  2. Pipers River
  3. Coal River Valley
  4. East Coast
  5. Huon Valley
  6. Derwent Valley
  • Tamar Valley

    North | Pinot & Chardonnay sourcing | Warmer and wetter than some other regions.
  • Pipers River

    North | One of the most important regions for House of Arras | Coolest sub region (despite being close to Tamar), has the highest rainfall.
  • Coal River

    East, South East | All varieties and styles, provides softness and perfume | Moderate temperatures, low rainfall.
  • East Coast

    East | Robust, masculine and depth of flavour | Warm and dry, minimal temperature variations, relatively high humidity.
  • Huon Valley

    South (most southerly) | Top sparkling grapes | Cool climate.
  • Derwent Valley

    South East (inland) | Varying terroir, thus divided in to two sub regions | Upper, incredible quality, greatest elegance, finesse and complexity, cold nights, driest region. Lower, richness and ripeness, warm and sheltered.

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